Restylane Form digitalisation

UX Design. UI Design. Visual design.


The Restylane range of cosmetic products has a competitor with very strong brand regcognition: Botox. Restylane's major challenge was to give Doctors the confidence to use the Restalyne suite of products for patients, when patients come in and request cosmetic treatment.


The challenge was to create an intuitive and engaging digital record of a patient's treatment, to replace the current system of paper forms.

Step 1: Style tiles

Following an audit of Restylane's existing visual assets, four visual styles were distilled from existing materials. Each had a distinctive voice in typography, colour and iconography.

Step 2: Visual library

Once a visual baseline had been established, a central library of elements was crafted. The typographic hierarchy and colour palettes were defined and a component based system was used to create elements for the UI kit, such as form inputs, range sliders, cards and menus.

UX Design

Working with qualitative user research techniques such as personas, user journey statements and storyboards, I developed an information architecture conveyed through a sitemap, and on this base of this I created wireframes which were evaluated via qualitative user testing.

Visual assets and iconography

Based on the wireframes and component library, icons and illustrations were created to enhance the visual language.